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Aduro Clean Technologies Inc.

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16 May 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a News Release
May 16, 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Provides Hard to Recycle Crosslinked Polymer Test Results

Release Highlights

  • Aduro is pleased to share exciting results from preliminary tests achieved with deconstructing crosslinked polymers, using the Company’s Hydrochemolytic™ Technology.™
  • Test results yields up to 84% of lower-molecular-weight hydrocarbons, predominantly in the C8 to C28 range. This confirms the effectiveness of HCT in breaking down crosslinked polymers, which have high thermal stability and complex decomposition pathways, into valuable hydrocarbons.
  • This work solidifies Aduro’s pathway into the building materials sector, but also opens the door to the very sizable USD 6.4 billion XPLE industry. Accordingly, the Company is actively engaged in discussions with potential partnerships in these sectors.

9 May 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a Corporate Update
May 9, 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Selected to Present at Chemelot Circular Hub Event

Release Highlights:

  • Aduro is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Chemelot Circular Hub event on May 15, 2024, at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, Netherlands.
  • Eric Appelman, Chief Revenue Officer, will introduce the Aduro Hydrochemolytic™ technology, a unique approach to chemical recycling.
  • The Chemelot Circular Hub (CCH) is a leading example of industrial collaboration and innovation in sustainable chemistry to transform the industry towards greater sustainability and efficiency.
30 Apr 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a Earnings Report
April 30, 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Reports Q3 2024 (End of March) Financial Results

Report Highlights:

  • During Q3 2024, Aduro generated CAD 103,628 in revenue, an increase of 78% as compared to revenue of CAD 58,290 generated in Q3 2023. Year-to-date revenue for the nine-months ending February 29th, 2024 increased 304% as compared to the nine-months ending February 28th, 2023.
  • Aduro maintains a strong cash position of CAD 2,156,359 as of February 29th, 2024, with additional gross proceeds of CAD 2,081,094 from the exercise of warrants and options, further strengthening Aduro’s balance sheet.
  • Significant developments of its Hydrochemolytic™ Technology have been rigorously tested with the continuous flow Plastic reactor. Since its launch in 2023, the reactor has conducted numerous tests on various polypropylene feedstocks, demonstrating exceptional conversion efficiency, up to 95%, into valuable hydrocarbon resources.
24 Apr 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a News Release
April 24, 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Joins Delegation at INC-4 on Plastic Pollution

Release Highlights:

  • Aduro is joining a delegation at the fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution (INC-4) in Ottawa, Canada from April 23-29th, 2024.
  • INC-4 welcomes over 4,200 delegates who will finalize agreements on various aspects within the plastic industry, from design, capacity building, and waste management.
  • The treaty hopes to promote a circular economy for plastics, emphasizing recycling and reusability to prevent plastic pollution while retaining their beneficial properties.
11 Apr 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a News Release
April 11, 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies to Present at European Recycling and Renewable Materials Conferences

Release Highlights:

  • Aduro is pleased to announce its participation at two industry conferences (CHEMREC I 2024 and RMC 2024) focused on the advancement of advanced chemical recycling and renewable materials.
  • CHEMREC I (April 28 – May 2, 2024 – Malaga, Spain) will be the 1st International Conference exclusively dedicated to the thermochemical recycling of plastic waste. This discussion will include techno-economic analyses and life cycle assessments.
  • Renewable Materials Conference (June 11 -13, 2024 – Siegburg / Cologne, Germany) is the world’s largest conference on chemicals and materials based on biomass, carbon capture and utilization (CCU), and chemical recycling. Aduro is one of six nominees in attendance for the Renewable Material of the Year Award 2024.
4 Apr 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a News Release
April 4, 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Provides Update on Joint Western University Research Project

Content Highlights:

  • Aduro provided an update on its research project titled “Tuning Supercritical Fluids for Polymer Recycling to Monomers and Chemicals” in partnership with Western University.
  • Launched in early 2023 with a generous $1.15 million in grant funding from the NSERC Alliance and Mitacs Accelerate Grants Program, complemented by a $382,500 additional contribution from Aduro, this three-year project is focused on advancing the company’s polymer recycling program through conscientious research, while providing high-quality training and mentoring to the project researchers to develop them as highly qualified personnel for advanced polymer recycling.
27 Mar 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a News Release
March 27, 2024

Aduro Welcomes a Multinational Building Materials Company into its Customer Engagement Program

  • MBM Company, with extensive manufacturing operations across 20+ countries and a global distribution reach, generates multi-billion-dollar annual revenues.
  • MBM Company is recognized for its vast range of building materials and is dedicated to promoting sustainability through material circularity—emphasizing the recycling and reuse of materials across its product lines. Their extensive product line includes solutions for infrastructure, energy systems, municipal sewer, ventilation, and water treatment.
  • The engagement will begin with a technical evaluation project focused on assessing the potential of Hydrochemolytic™ Technology (HCT) for recycling cross-linked polymers, a key material in the client’s product range. The test samples will be sourced from waste streams at the client’s production facilities. 
5 Mar 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a News Release
March 5, 2024

Aduro Welcomes a Global Multinational Food Packaging Company into its Customer Engagement Program

  • MFP Company is a prominent player in the global food processing and distribution sector, boasting an attractive portfolio of well-known brands, operates in over 15 countries and generates multi-billion-dollar annual revenues.
  • At the core of its operations, MFP Company integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, focusing on innovation and efficiency. The company is dedicated to recycling or recovering 90% of its solid waste and aims to reduce plastic use, increase the use of biodegradable and recycled materials, and minimize the use of virgin plastic.
  • MFP Company advocates for a circular economy approach to address packaging pollution, innovating in sustainable packaging design, and advocating for the reuse and recycling of materials. This strategy is in alignment with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) principles, underlining its leadership and commitment to minimizing environmental impact and leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.
22 Feb 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a Corporate Update
February 22, 2024

Aduro Announces Conference Schedule and Extends OTBC Engagement

  • Aduro announces its upcoming conference attendance schedule (download content for list of conferences and dates).
  • Additionally, the Company has entered into a new marketing and consulting agreement with Outside the Box Capital Inc. to provide marketing and investor relations services.
15 Feb 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. Uploaded a News Release
February 15, 2024

Aduro Clean Technologies Shares Sample Test Results from its Continuous Flow Unit Experimentation and Optimization Program

  • Since commencing the commissioning of its Continuous Flow Plastic Reactor in 2023, Aduro has conducted over 240 test runs on a variety of feedstock compositions, with the longest test stretching to 36 hours.
  • The unit was committed to run experiments both for our Customer Engagement Program (CEP) and to achieve research goals, working with a broad variety of feedstocks and advancing the design of the Next Generation Process.
  • Aduro considers its CEP approach crucial to assuring maximum alignment with market needs and changes therein, and to connect to specialized competences and expertise, and as such the CEP has significantly contributed to the advancement and refinement of Aduro’s Next Generation Process.


  • Environmental and Facilities Services

Aduro Clean Technologies has been working to address some of the pressing environmental issues faced by the global community today. One is the matter of unlocking value from waste plastics that pollute our lands and waterways. Others include improving the characteristics of bitumen through a greener conversion process and increasing the economic value of renewable oils in scalable operations that can be implemented locally.

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