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Designed to offer you access to a large number of companies worldwide, and optimize inter-organization workflow efficiencies, abid helps you focus on what matters, discover and source great companies to invest in.

  • Create a private profile, tell us what kind of investments you are interested in, sectors, stages, geographies, etc. We’ll send you information on companies which meet your screening criteria.
  • Browse through our equity and industry research coverage, subscribe to updates and let us know what you would be interested to see us initiate research coverage on. Alternatively order either one of our confidential or embargoed due diligence reports.
  • You receive periodic notifications for one on one roadshow meeting requests, corporate news events and updated presentations, earnings calls etc. for companies of your choosing.
  • It is that simple, all the information you need in one location, from your computer access our research and a centralized stream of up to date company contributed information.
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