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Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. uploaded a News Release
August 8, 2023


Aduro Clean Technologies and Prospera Energy Advance Collaboration on Pilot Plant Project for Partial Upgrading of Bitumen


  • Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. announces progress in collaboration with Prospera Energy Inc. to develop a precommercial pilot plant using Aduro’s Hydrochemolytic technology (HCT) to convert low API bitumen into higher value products.
  • The collaboration involves a three-phase project engagement plan, with Phase 1 including laboratory and continuous flow work using Prospera bitumen and Aduro’s HCT process. The commissioning of the pilot-scale continuous flow reactor for HBU is planned for Q3 2023.
  • Phase 1 aims to be completed by December 2023 and will include comprehensive testing of 6 barrels of low API crude from Prospera’s heavy oil properties. Prospera will pay Aduro a monthly fee of $25,000 CAD for Phase 1 services, capped at $125,000 CAD.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance hydrocarbon recovery, prioritize environmental sustainability, and drive innovation in the energy industry. It will establish a robust business model, evaluate technical and economic viability, and pave the way for commercializing Aduro’s innovative solution.
  • Both companies emphasize the potential transformative impact of the technology on their operations and express commitment to leveraging this opportunity to the fullest.
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