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Growens S.p.A. uploaded a News Release
December 20, 2022


The Datatrics Business Unit updates its Customer Data Platform with Audience 2.0 and a new Touchpoint Builder


  • Growens today announces an update to the Datatrics Customer Data Platform, the AI- powered predictive marketing platform developed by the Business Unit of the same name, thanks to the introduction of two new features: Audience 2.0 and Touchpoint Builder
  • Established in the Netherlands and acquired by Growens in 2018, Datatrics has completely updated the core software for its Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Audience 2.0.
  • By taking advantage of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology in a simple and intuitive way, e-commerce players can now have a better and more complete picture of their customers, as well as easily create segments generated by the Audience algorithm based on the buyer phase a customer is in and their preferred persuasion method
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