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Altech Batteries Limited uploaded a Presentation
May 4, 2023


Altech Presentation – What’s the future of Grid Storage Batteries


  • Discusses the Company’s CERENERGY(R) Battery Project and the launch of the 1MWh GridPack design
  • The industry heavily relies on China for graphite anode material, which poses geopolitical risks
  • Lithium-ion battery fires are difficult to put out because they generate oxygen at the cathode end of the battery
  • The alternative solution is the Tech Chemical Serenity battery, which uses sodium alumina solid-state technology
  • Designed in collaboration with German partner Fraunhofer IKTS, the product known as GridPack uses sodium ions (commonly found in table salt) rather than lithium, cobalt, graphite or copper
  • Cheaper to produce and lessens exposure to critical metal price rises and supply chain issues.
  • A definitive feasibility study on the product is currently underway
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